What is included in the curriculum?

Each holiday series includes everything you need to run a children’s worship experience for 1 to 100 kids!

Large Group Elements

The kids come together to have fun and learn the Bible Story and the key Exclamation point that goes with it. Also, the children will experience the Bible Verse, engaging worship, fun group activities and games, countdowns, roll-ins, and more.

Application Driven Teaching Points

Every lesson has a Biblical applicational truth drawn from the Bible Story. That truth is reinforced throughout the lesson in every activity so that children will learn it and then incorporate into their everyday life.

Worship Experience

Taking time out to praise GOD with song is an important part of what we do. That is why we have partnered with YancyMinistries to bring you the best children’s worship in the world!

Animated Bible Stories

The animated Bible Story that is the foundation of the lesson. Every lesson we teach in our curriculum emerges first from a Bible Lesson. From there, we develop an application point upon which all of the elements are then built. 

Bible Verse

We believe that putting GOD’S Word into our kids hearts is a vital part of their spiritual growth. Each week a verse will be given that will accentuate the key point we are teaching. We encourage you to use it and have your kids memorize it!

Small Group Lessons

We provide activities and crafts to assist your volunteers to make their time with the kids a meaningful one. Each small group lesson points back to the Bible Story and Exclamation Point.

Craft Activity

Each lesson contains a related craft for the kids to take home and remind them of the lesson for the day.

Live Action and Animated Skits

Every week your kids will enjoy the antics of our young leaders as they showcase, in video, what it looks like to apply the lesson of the day.  Video is today’s medium that kids love, engage with, and learn from..

Take Home Resources

We believe it is important to provide parents the opportunity to help their children reinforce what they learned in your teaching time. Our Take Home Paper is a digital download you can print and hand out as your kids leave, or text/email to the parents once they get home. 

Bonus Items

Even more materials are included for the volunteers and teachers!

Volunteer Video Training 

The best form of training is not to tell someone what to do, or have them read what to do, but to show them what to do. Because of this we film each of our small group activities so that your volunteers can watch and see what they are expected to do.



Countdowns and Roll-ins 

We want to provide you all the excellent tools to make the time with your kids will be out of the ordinary. Countdowns and Roll-ins are video elements used to introduce different segments of the lesson.

Video Script For You to record and send to your parents

We include for each lesson a script that you can use to record a short message that you can text to all the families who attended church that day. With it you will be able to personally share the great things you taught the children this week.



“How To” video on how to build an inexpensive set for your Holiday stage.

A creative and fun environment helps bring excitement to your teaching. These videos will show you how to create a set that will blow your kids away (and you’ll have fun doing it!)

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