Through animated curriculum, short film and one day, feature film, we have a passion for helping raise the next generation of kids to become the leaders God designed them to be. Leaders with strong moral and biblical values who will go out and make a difference in our world. 

Our desire is to produce products with a Christian message that will be compared to the quality of Pixar and DreamWorks Animation. In Christ, we have the greatest message to proclaim. We want to use animation, a growing medium, to express that message with the highest degree of excellence.

In addition, our desire is to also produce mediums that will strike a chord within the hearts of students and adults, allowing them to look beyond their stereotypes and misbelief to see Christ for who He really is and understand what He wants to give to them – eternal life and hope.


By Mike Johnson



Making the decision to retire as a Children’s Pastor and start ISeeIt! Productions was the most difficult decision of our lives. To leave 25 years of ministry at one location was not a decision that was taken lightly and took over a year to finally make. But in the end, my wife Karry and I both knew that this was a journey God wanted us to embark on. I have always believed that discerning God’s will takes prayer, extended time in His Word, seeking the counsel of godly people, and looking for closing and opening doors. These things we have done.

Walking fully into the unknown, with no worldly assurances of any kind, is scary in the flesh. But we know in Whom we believe, and have dedicated our lives to being open to how God wants to use us. All we desire to hear someday when we stand before God is for Him to say, “Thank you for making yourselves fully available to Me, well done.” Then, at that time, we will be able to take any crowns given to us as rewards from this earth and cast them to His feet, fully acknowledging that we did nothing and He did everything. We will do this because we know that all the talents and gifts God has blessed us with are not ours, but are given to us by Him to be used in any way that He sees fit. We cannot claim anything as ours, we can only praise God for choosing to use us according to His purpose. When we do, we know that God will faithfully bring about His full purpose for our future…a purpose that we can’t even dream of or comprehend. 


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