You can use this curriculum in any setting where you have one or more children. For example it can be used during the main worship service, Sunday School hour, home team, children's ministry, block party, missions outreach event, chapel, etc. This curriculum can be used in large group or small group settings.

This curriculum was written for elementary ages but can be adapted to be used with younger or older children.

Our curriculum requires a TV or other video player device to watch the videos. If you prefer to use a DVD player for video elements you will need to purchase the additional video DVD

The teacher guides can be printed or emailed (the teacher training videos can be accessed through a secure Youtube channel). Each "I Do it!" activity may require additional supplies that are easy for you to collect (each list will be found on the corresponding teacher guide).

The Holiday Curriculum can be adjusted to cover from 45 minutes to 2 hours in large group and small group settings.

Each Holiday series will vary based on the number of lessons included. That's A Wrap! Christmas series is $69 for two digital, downloadable lessons. Additional DVDs with the video elements can be purchased with free shipping in the continental US for $10. 

Digital: video files, video training files, written teacher scripts, and how to use the material helpsheet.

DVD (available at an additional cost): the video elements for the curriculum are also available in DVD format.

Please note that all written materials are available online only as downloadable files. There is no additional CD-Rom disc.

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Yes, we have partnered with Yancy Ministries to provide two worship videos in the "That's A Wrap" Christmas Series. 

Please go to our contact page to contact us directly. We will be in touch with you within two business days. Customer service hours are Tuesday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, (CST).

Once you have downloaded the curriculum there are many ways you can share this curriculum legally within your organization. You may share it with any other campuses at your specific church and with your volunteers (preferably through a secure site). You may not, however, share the copyrighted curriculum with other churches in your friend group, association or network. Each purchase is licensed to the church, not the individual or association, that purchased it. Sharing curriculum outside of your church without permission is stealing it.

This is a downloadable curriculum. However, if you would like a DVD of the video elements you can purchase these at an additional cost with free shipping. A DVD with video elements is $10 for the first one and $5 for

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