Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus AND learn about GOD’S special plan for all of us!

Join Christian, Taryn and Soleil on the internet sensation, “We Were Young Once Too”, as they answer questions that they had when they were kids. In “That’s A Wrap!” Christmas Curriculum, watch as they not only answer two important questions from kids, but are also mysteriously transported to the Cartoon World where they discover important truths about following directions and staying on the path GOD chose for them.

Through this series, children will learn:

1- that GOD created each of them to be unique, and that He has a special plan for each of their lives.

2- that GOD wants to lead them in His plan, but they need to listen to Instructions and obey Him for that plan to come about.

That's A Wrap Christmas Bible Story
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Bible Story
That's A Wrap Christmas Exclamation Point
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Exclaimation Point
That's A Wrap Christmas Countdown
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That's A Wrap Christmas Bible Verse
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Bible Verse
That's A Wrap Live-Action Skit
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That's A Wrap Yancy Christmas Song
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Thats A Wrap Small Group Training
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Small Group Video PREVIEW
That's A Wrap How To Build A Set
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How To Video PREVIEW

Two Yancy Songs included in this Christmas curriculum!

We are excited to have Yancy partnering with us to bring great kid’s worship music to our Christmas curriculum. For 20 years, Making Jesus Loud has been Yancy’s passion for the creation of hundreds of resources for church and home including songs, videos, curriculum, devotionals, training, and family concerts. Little Praise Party animated music videos are designed specifically for preschoolers and younger elementary children, while Kidmin Worship has lyric videos created for preteens and elementary-aged kids. Yancy’s newest resource, Heartbeat, is a 5 lesson curriculum teaching kids the heart of worship. Learn more at

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