We are a non-profit company that produces animated curriculum and animated short films. We strive to use our talents and experiences to present Christ in creative and compelling ways to all people so that they may hear and understand what Christ wants to give them – eternal life and hope. 

Acknowledgement: We understand that all our talents and gifts are from God and we want to use them however He sees fit. We cannot claim anything as ours, we can only praise God for choosing to use us according to His plan. When we do, we know that God will faithfully bring about His full purpose for our future…a purpose we can’t even dream of or comprehend.

Meet The Team

Mike was the Executive Children’s Pastor at Fellowship Church for 25 years. During that time the Children’s ministry grew from 75 children to over 5000 children across 8 campuses. For 12 of those 25 years Mike was also the Executive Producer of two curriculum lines, Elevate and Elevate Jr. Additionally, Mike oversaw the spiritual and leadership development of children through the development of the kid-friendly website ElevateKids.com. Currently, in addition to his work with ISeeIt! Productions, Mike also shares his passion for kids through speaking and consulting.

Mike Johnson

Executive Producer

Daryl was the Chief Creative Officer for FC Kids at Fellowship Church and for the Elevate curriculum lines for 12 years. Daryl is a gifted artist and storyteller with a great eye for character and environment design. He leads our art team in creating captivating visual elements to enhance the lesson and story.

Daryl Oldenburg

Producer, Art Lead

Karry specializes in curriculum writing and for 25 years has written curriculum used by FC Kids in their weekly preschool programming and Elevate Jr. Karry loves kids and is eager to use her talents to reach children around the world.

Karry Johnson

Writer, Admin

Ryan is a post-production engineer with 13 years experience in kids curriculum as well as the song writer and music producer all Radio E Music. He has served as an adult and kids worship pastor for many years and enjoys creating things in audio-visual production.

Ryan McMackin

Production Engineer

Alisha enjoys using words and marketing tools to share what God is doing and has juggled marketing and web design for a variety of non-profit organizations for many years. She has served in preschool and puppet ministry since college and loves teaching kids of all ages, cultures, and languages about God.

Alisha McMackin

Marketing Director | Web Designer

I See It! Productions has a wonderful team of artists, animators, and support staff in Harare, Zimbabwe through the partnership with WeSupportMinistries.com. Their combined talent and experience bring the story and art to life for the children’s curriculum and various other projects.

The Zimbabwe Team

Artists, Animators

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